Swiss Electric completed the first distributed wind project in Shandong Province
Time:2019-06-28 11:23:17Browsing volume:249

It reported from the State Grid that the Changyi North sea distributed wind project is successfully connected to the grid. The wind project is used for the chemical companies nearby the north sea. The electricity generated is first used for the companies and the rest will be connected to the grid. The total electricity generated is about 5 million kW/h. The project is established by Shandong Swisselectric Co., Ltd. and the local company, which is the first one distributed wind project in Shandong province and successfully connected to the grid.

The project is located in the offshore area in Changyi, Shandong province. The average wind speed here is about 6m/s. The project can generate about 5 million kW/h electricity every year, owe to using the Swiss electric 2.0MW wind turbines, with ¢93 blades, as the wind turbine can start to generate and connect to the grid when the wind speed is 1.8m/s, and rated wind speed is ≤10.2m/s, so the annual efficient running hours is up to 2500 hours.

It is said that the performance of the wind turbine is stable, and once the wind turbine generate one kw/h, it can save 0.85-1.6 yuan cost, and at the same time, highly reduce the GDP energy consumption.